www.youle07.com辽河胜利电泵有限公司于1997年由辽河油田晨宇集团有限公司与胜利油田胜利泵业有限责任公司共同组建,是辽河油田唯一的集潜油电泵研究、开发、制造和技术服务的专业化公司。 公司主要从事潜油电泵机组、电缆、成套电气设备、加工配件及水力泵的设计开发、制造和销售服务一条龙。 公司生产车间占地面积5000平米,现有在册职工56人,其中高级职称2人;中级职称5人。专业化的辽胜电泵公司具有“制造修理、科技攻关、资源组织、服务销售”四大职能。现在发展到具有专用设备100多台套;生产厂房4500平方米。2000年通过东北认证公司ISO9002质量体系认证和国家质量检测中心的鉴定(辽河唯一一家的电潜泵公司)。并且还有水平、垂直式注水泵、输油泵、斜井机组、防砂机组、防垢机组等产品,已形成潜油电泵、螺杆泵、注水泵配套齐全,技术工艺先进,产品可靠的系列化产品;检测工艺完善、先进,检测设备齐全,拥有与国家潜油电泵检测中心同等级的专业化检测设备。产品质量稳定、优良,电泵机组平均寿命达560多天,并且在技术领域方面,辽胜电泵成为了辽河油田电泵机组技术发展的领头羊。 辽胜电泵以“发展泵业,争创一流”的企业精神为动力,本着“为用户、为社会创造最大价值”的经营宗旨,确立了“打造辽胜电泵品牌,实现持续全面发展”的经营战略,牢固树立“以人为本,质量立业,创新发展,追求卓越”的经营理念。 辽胜电泵愿与社会各界携手合作,竭诚为用户服务。 Company Profile The company - Panjin Liaohe Shengli Electrical Pumps Co., Ltd., is a professional company engaged in research, development, manufacturing and technical servicing of the electrical submersible oil pumps. It was set up in 1997 jointly by Liaohe Oilfield Chenyu Group Co., Ltd. and RODLESSPUMPS INC. It is the only company in the Liaohe Oilfield that provides such diversified services to the society. The company mainly deals with the design, development, manufacturing and after-sales services of electrical submersible oil pump aggregates, cables, packaged electrical equipment, machined accessory fittings and hydraulic pumps. The company has production workshops covering an area of 5,000 square meters with 56 employees on payroll, including technicians 2 in senior level and 5 in middle level. The professional company has four major functions, namely “manufacturing and repairing, S&T projects tackling, resources organizing and after-sale services”. Now, the company has grown up to own specialized equipment of more than 100 pieces/sets with production workshops covering an area of 4,500 square meters. In 2000, the company (the only one dealing with electrical submersible pumps) had its products certified in ISO9002 quality system by North China Conformity Assessment Services Co., Ltd. and China National Quality and Test Centre. Major products include electrical motors of ф95,ф98,ф107,ф114,ф116 and ф138; pumps ofф86、ф88、ф98、ф102 and ф130 with a discharge range of 20-1200m³/d and a maximum head of 4,500m in addition to horizontal/vertical injection water pumps, oil transfer pumps, oblique well aggregates, sand protection aggregates, and solid scales prevention aggregates, etc. So far, a series of electrical submersible oil pumps, screw type pumps and injection water pumps have been formed, featured with advanced technology and consistent products quality. Inspired by the spirit of “Striving for No.1 in developing the pump industry” and adhering to the business motto of “creating the maximum values to the customers and the society”, the company has set up its business policy as “building Liaosheng electrical oil pumps brand and realizing sustainable overall development” with its business concept of “human-centered, standing up by quality, innovative development, and pursuing excellence”. The company is willing to cooperate with all walks of the society and will provide excellent services to its customers.
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